Heilbrunn Research Nursing Speaker Series

Schedule of Speakers and Topics

Date: April 2, 2019

Time: 5:00p - 6:00p

Location: Rockefeller Research Building, Room 110

Speaker: Bernadette 'Candy' Capili, PhD, NP-C

               Director, Heilbrunn Family Center for Research Nursing

               The Rockefeller University

Title:        Anatomy and Physiology of Research: Where to Begin?


Date: May 7, 2019

Time: 5:00p-6:00p

Location: Rockefeller Research Building, Room 110

Speaker: Mayu Frank, PhD, NP, AGN-BC

               Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-Oncology

               The Rockefeller University

Title: Clinical Applications of Genomic Sequencing 





Schedule of Speakers and TopicsDate: April 2, 2019Time: 5:00p - 6:00pLocation: Rockefeller Research Building, Room 110Speaker: Bernadette 'Candy' Capili, PhD, NP-C    &